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2 definitions by xacto17

The offspring of Thom Yorke and Selena Gomez. She will limp up on stage with a British accent and her eye will be shut at birth. Her best friend will be Jonny Lovato. Her hair will always be a mess and not for the reason Ke$ha's hair is in a mess but just because she is Thom Yorkes daughter.
Selena Yorke is a stud! or Hottie?! or I'm not quite sure what It is, let's just not touch it or look at its eye.
by xacto17 December 02, 2010
When a pokemon uses leer on your pokemon.
OMG! What am i going to do! It just leerinated all over my Pikachu! This will take hours to clean.
by xacto17 October 24, 2010