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1.Someone perplexing or puzzling.
2. A word people usually use incorrectly.
3. Flipping out and throwing a shoe across the hall at someone's head, hitting them between the eyes.
1. "Had an enigma, ended up with a riddle." - The Hives
2. I had an enigma with my milk this morning.
3. He went enigma on me and almost knocked my non-existant brain out.
by x_sun_child_x September 15, 2005
A truly Canadian band with a truly Canadian sound. They are not know beyond the borders and are sometimes called pussies by the Canadians because it has suddenly become cool to hate on Canadian bands.
They mostly produce up-beat love songs with catchy tunes and slurred words that make the lead singer seem drunk all the time.
An over-all fairly decent band.
The Marble Index is Canadian all the way, yo...
by x_sun_child_x September 26, 2005
1.Someone who is stuck in the phase between being lame and completely retarded and uses dude in every sentince.
2. A person who licks a leaf and sticks it on their forehead.
1. Dude:"Duuuude, that dude has like an awesome gb. Duuuuuude!"
Guy: "Dude, you're such a lametard."
2. She's such a lametard that she stuck the poison oak leaf on her forehead.
by x_sun_child_x September 15, 2005

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