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noun:1. A person with an extremely comfortable usu. fleshy sometimes moist rear end.2.One who never follows through or is of weak resolve.3.Opp. of tight-ass, one who is lavish with money or resources.

1.Ted: ....so kim and I were spooning and she was so comfortable I couldn't help but butt-fuck her.
Bob:Oh yeah, kim is a total vag-ass.

2.Clyde:Where the hell is gabe? He was supposed to bring the beer!
Jacob:Man he's a total vag-ass.We should stop inviting him to our poker game.

3.john: Sorry bill I can't make rent this month.
bill: yeah 'cus you spent all your money on hookers and x, goddamit! your such a vag-ass!
by xZMalachiZx December 24, 2007

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