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When you're walking or something and your balls work their way so they're right underneath your ass. If someone looked at it from behind, you could see them just dangling there.

Also a very fun word to use to replace the nouns in a story.
I got a wicked case of assballs from all that walking we did.
by xyamakunx May 14, 2010
A ghetto term for a child, animal, or relatively anything.
That girl thinks she can touch my moo babies, she best be trippin'
by xyamakunx May 13, 2010
A situation in which a person will say or dosomething not meant to be heard/seen by others. However, during said moment, a person not meant to have heard/seen (i.e. a teacher or someone of authority) will notice the action, usually by being within close proximity

Stupid Person's Definition:
A person says or does something stupid by a teacher
Hey, Courtney, did you see what happened the other day? I took this rancid nasty jizzed-up condom and slapped Zack in the eye with it!

*ahem* ...teacher...

Oh, darn! *slaps knee* I just had a bona-fide James Moment!
by xYamakunx May 04, 2009
A new lever of fail; something fails so epic-ly that it becomes a Failgasm; something fails sexually
Hey, did you know that they have an anime blow-up doll at Spencer's?

Really? Wow, now that's a fail.

Yaah! They also have a midget and a Paris Hilton doll!

That's more than just fail, that's a Multiple Failgasm!
by xYamakunx May 23, 2009

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