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A game good until you go online with about 4 unbalanced weapons and search prefer skill and you get people with 30 ranks above you. A game where you get called gay if you lose and lags everytime you really need a win. A game where Bungie doesn't want you to rank up and says you can win 20 games straight and rank up once but if you lose once you lose your rank and you fucking restart. That's just how bungie and halo are. FUCKING GAY.
John:Dude i just got my 30 on Halo 3.
Bill:Really holy crap dude how?
John: i wont 20 games straight
Bill: wow dude that's crazy.
1 game later
John:Shit i just lost my rank.
Bill: what how?
John:these guys kept using swords,rockets,hammers,and shotguns and i lost 1 match now i have to win another 20 FUCK.
by xXxPressurexXx October 17, 2009

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