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what makes you WIN the life game
the price of discipline is always less than the pain of regret
by XxLorDxX November 05, 2010
The first thing you've seen in your life. And the last thing I've seen today
your mom's pussy is where I came in, and where you came out
by xXLorDXx October 07, 2010
The most honorable and at the same time relaxing and emotional action in a man's mean day.
I have been decorated by the Queen of england herself for having taken a crap in the royal bathroom. The most noble defecation of the garter
by XxLorDxX November 21, 2010
What you need to fully enjoy Aphex Twin. People with robot ears actually NEED Aphex Twin just like normal people need food
you need robot ears to listen to aphex twin's equation
by XxLorDxX October 23, 2010
also boredance, consists in random keyboard presses while someone is bored. Often results in nonsense google search like "qwerty" "asd" "ccccccccccccccccc" "jkjkjk" etc. Often accompanied by the desktop dance, when someone just drags selection squares with the mouse at his desktop, just highlighting random icons.
It's 5 o'clock and I've still done nothing today, "wtfffffffffffffffffffffffff" *clicks on search button*... why am I always doing the keyboard dance?
by XxLorDxX January 13, 2011
A funny quote found on youtube on some very low quality videos. Destinated to be hated in a few years since now everyone is spoiling it on every fucking video as 90% of people in the world have no creativity
*Clicks on dat face soldier video*
Top comment #1: recorded with a potato
Top comment #2: recorded with a toaster
by XxLorDxX October 23, 2011
The reason why 4chan exists. The reason why people fall in love with internet fads
Do you think that anyone sane of mind would like a black faced guy with big red lips shooting a lazor from his mouth? Also why someone not affected by serious boredom would find funny a poorly painted brown bear that somebody had pretended that it had to be a pedophile?
by XxLorDxX January 30, 2011

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