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3 definitions by xX-kutsuu-Xx

Having a tiny little mental hole inside of you that keeps you from being happy. You can try to fill that empty spot with rainbows and happy thoughts... but happiness will almost always keep leaking out of that hole. Worst of all, the longer you have that hole, the bigger it seems to get. Stupid hole...
You feel lonely.. I feel lonely.

He, she, we... feel lonely. T_T
by Xx-kutsuu-xX January 19, 2010
156 23
The Japanese word meaning to bark, to howl, or to roar.
Dog: *chases cat up a tree* "Hoeru!" >:O

Cat: *staring at dog victoriously* "Nyah!" :3
by xX-kutsuu-Xx August 28, 2009
10 1
A cute way of saying single.
Girl: *giggles* Are you singee..?? ;)

Guy: Maybeee.. :P
by Xx-kutsuu-xX January 26, 2010
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