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Vegetarians are people who choose to not eat meat for certain reasons, such as religion, ethics, or simply because they do not like the idea of 'eating flesh'.

Some vegetarians believe that people are allowed to choose whether or not they want to eat meat. Others try and force their beliefs on others, along with calling every meat eater a 'stupid uncultured dickhead'.

It is possible to get all daily needs out of being a Vegetarian, including protein, a fact that many people (see Omnivore and Carnivore) believe they can't. That is not to say that everyone who is not a Vegetarian believes this, just a few.

There are many varieties of vegetarian, such as those who eat fish, those who eat poultry and those who don't eat any animal products (see Vegan).
Normal Vegetarian: I'm a vegetarian because I chose to be.
Small-minded fool: Hahahahaha, you're stoopid for bein' a veggie. You gonna hate me for this? (Eats some meat product)
Normal Vegetarian: Nope.

Stupid Vegetarian: Everyone who eats meat is going to rot in hell! I hate you all! You should never eat meat! Dickheads! Assholes!
Normal Omnivore: Dude, what? (Finishes off burger)
Stupid Vegetarian: You ate meat! I hate you! Die in hell! (Bursts into tears)
^ {Seen this happen before....}
by xTownx November 27, 2008
When someone has given another a noogie.
Aww, man, Sarah's noogied me four times this week! My head hurts like hell!
by xTownx August 25, 2008
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