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What you say when someone's supposed to choose between two horrible options.
You could either chop off your toe or you can stab yourself with that piece of broken glass. Pick your poison.
by xSOMx May 23, 2010
A 4chan meme that became popular in late 2008, the “FFFFFUUUUU-” Rageguy is an exploitable four-pane image macro in which the main character (rageguy) expresses serious disappointment/exasperation/displeasure with a given scenario (typically caused on accident).
rageguy: Everyone get ready, boss incoming!
- You've been disconnected from the server. -
by xSOMx February 05, 2010
Dat ass. This is the emoticon you use when linking the actual image won't work/isn't as appropriate.
*witnesses rendering of lovely tushy*

by xSOMx July 31, 2011
A moshpit which do not involve hardcore-dancing, but people (often kids) pushing eachother for no actual purpose.
13-year-old at a show: "Hey, let's start a pushpit!"
Hardcore tough guy: "Fuck that shit" *throwdown*
by xSOMx August 09, 2010

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