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2 definitions by xRiotZx

1. n.: Someone who lays down quickly and fires while prone or while going to prone in a shooter game, while directly in front of someone. Often regarded as noobs.

2. v.: The process of lying down while shooting at your enemy in a shooter game.
Oh hell no! That ninth prestige just dropshot my ass." or "That ninth prestige is a damn dropshot.
by xRiotZx January 10, 2011
16 10
1. n.: Meat that is harvested from several animals that a person from a civilized society would not eat, monkey, goat tits, snake pussy, pig penis, etc. Many people are fed Bushmeat on Bahamian vacations without knowledge of it and become ill.
I got sick as hell while we were in the Dominican, those bastards and their god damn Bushmeat!
by xRiotZx January 06, 2011
5 8