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someone who sees something like clothes that they like. so, they make fun of you for wearing it, then sooner or later, they go out and buy the exact same stuff. then they wear it all the time and put pictures of themselves with their new duds on their facebook or myspace. then you tell them to stop copying you, and they say something like, " im not copying you, im taking what you did, and making it better." when in reality, they really suck at the whole style and it just doesn't work on them. or they'll say," i like the style but only on me, not you" then they'll call you a loser. they are always doing it because they think its cool, but they actually dont really like any of the clothes, music, or anything that comes with the job description.
copyer-"eeew! why are u wearing that its so ugly and so gothic!"
me-"its not gothic, i like it, so piss off"
copyer-*waits till later* goes to walmart or some store and buys the same stuff
me-i thought you made fun of me before for wearing that, now your trying to be like me? poser.
copyer-i like it on me not you loser
me-*laughs and rolls eyes* (under breath) "copycat"
by xRikkix August 03, 2010

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