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Arleta is a cute little city that is under Pacoima. Arleta is usually defined as part of Pacoima.
It is also called A Town for people who think they are tough.
Random:I'm from Pacoima.
Random: Pacas!
Other: Bitch you live in Arleta.
by xPsycho January 27, 2008
Cuil is a new search engine that has appeared a few days ago. It is pronounced "cool". This is also brought up to be the "google-killer", but we are just waiting for it to fail.
1: Hey are you searching through cuil?

2: No, I use Google.
by xPsycho July 30, 2008
MegaUpload is annoying flash site that offers 1 click hosting.

It is usually compared to RapidShare but it fails.
Random: I will upload the porn to megaupload.
Me: Use rapidshare bitch.
Random: lolz.
by xPsycho January 20, 2008
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