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Amazingly talented and funny singer/songwriter from Southend, Essex. Doesnt get enough credit considering how much he changed the music industry. James is responsible for converting many teenage girls from being fans of S Club 7 and Westlife etc and expanding their musical tastes :D He started Busted with Matt Willis in 2002 and then Charlie Simpson joined the band until they split up in Jan 2005. Then he created Son of Dork who are now on a break as all their members are busy doing different things. Then people discovered that James was off in New York doing American stuff like seeing the Hollywood sign etc. James is currently in New York in America making a solo album which will be released soon and will be electric. He is also writing a musical apparently called Loserville: The musical (after the S.O.D album).
James is also known for being one of the weirdest (in a good way) people on the entire planet. He talks in a partly-American accent, doesnt wash his trousers and claims that people go into space when they die. He is also obsessed with the best film ever, Back to the future and even wrote Busted's second single, Year 3000 about it. He's even got a DeLorean now :D Groovy.
Clueless person: Who's that blonde guy with all the different bands who talks kind of American and jumps around a lot with a guitar with other guys with weird hair?
Fan: Great scott, It's James Bourne!
by xKat92x February 18, 2009
3 guys who everyone loves cos they think they are hot. Even though they are a bit crap and pointless, I never had anything against them personally. That is until they started ripping off my favourite songs. One of their most disgraceful covers, "One for the radio" is actually by an amazing band called McFly. However, the Jonas Brothers were very sneaky about this. They knew that not that many people knew McFly or OFTR in America, so they decided to cover the song and now everyone thinks it their song cos they don't know the real version. They are apparently fans of McFly, so they shouldnt have done this to them. It was awful. Not only does it not have the "better than an explosion" type sound that is associated with the real band, but nothing about it relates to the JB's. First of all, it was written about being a pop band that people pretend to hate but secretly love, and they are saying that they don't care whether people like them or not. Does this sound like the Jonas Brothers to you? No. Of course they care what people think, they are marketed pretty much only through their looks, and are obsessed with their image. That isnt not caring, so it is hypocritical to sing a song saying that they don't care when they clearly do. Second of all, the "we don't care" backing vocals don't even sound Australian. They are meant to be, because the real song recorded the backing vocals from Australian fans. Still, don't hate the song itself. It is actually a really awesome song, but they ripped it off and destroyed it. And now everyone thinks its by JB when they are obviously not capable of writing such an amazing song. This goes for any others that they have ruined. They must be stopped. Other than that, I don't really care much either way about their music. Whatever. Its not like theyre famous for their music as much as their looks anyway so who cares?
Clueless person: OMG, have you heard their amazing song, One for the radio? The Jonas Brothers are such good songwriters!
Person with brains/ears: Um...no they arent. It's not even their song. They wish it was. Go and listen to the original...its 9,9999999999999 times better!
by xKat92x February 19, 2009

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