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A person not willing to try
Have a go you fucking peaheart

We're trying to dig this trench and that peaheart's sitting on his arse.

Fucken PEAHEART wont even have a shout.
by xJezzx May 08, 2006
One that has dry semen in there leg hairs after masturbating

A worthy insult
There go's smeg legs again
by xJezzx May 08, 2006
A female bogan who enjoys smoking too much,

Another name for a Cigarette
forrr bazza, check out the durrietta over there
by xJezzx May 08, 2006
One that speaks shit

One who has lack of oral hygiene

A witty insult
Fuck off excrete teeth, your talking shit

by xJezzx May 08, 2006

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