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1 definition by xFeliciaFuryx

Is a band with 6, not 7 members:
Lyrical Genius - Charlie Scene
Sweet Talker - J-Dog
Loud Mouth - Da Kurlzz
Singer - Deuce
African Baritone - Funny Man
The Server- Johnny 3 Tears

They're a hip-hop/rock/alternative band that pretty much kicks ass.
Yeah, if you don't listen to them, you're pretty much gonna get your ass beat if you'd ask a dumbass question such as the one shown in the example.
Douche bag: Hey, what are you listening to?

Me: *beats anonymous, queer douche until he is unconscious -- then i spit on his face and yell in his ear, "Hollywood Undead, bitch".
by xFeliciaFuryx January 20, 2009
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