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'BajanCanadian' Is a YouTube comedian, who goes by the name of Mitch. He usually records with JeromeASF, a friend he's had since elementary school.

BajanCanadian or Mitch uploads videos of the game Minecraft.
dood1: BajanCanadian is awesome

dood2: You got that right
by xdarkvEnom December 24, 2013
1) ROBLOX Talk
2) ReTweet
3) Russia Today
1) I'm gonna go on RT
2) I'm gonna RT this
3) I'm gonna go on RT
by xdarkvEnom November 02, 2013
The absolute worst internet provider ever.
Guy1: I'm switching to CenturyLink tomorrow!

Guy2: Have fun in virtual hell.
by xdarkvEnom October 13, 2013
Did you really take all the time to type that?
Dude1: qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnmabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz

Dude2: Why did you take the time to type that?
by xdarkvEnom September 09, 2013
A game that actually used to be fun, then they starting stealing kid's money, and then they got more greedy than ROBLOX.

Me: Well, except that you have to pay to do 99% of things.
by xdarkvEnom October 13, 2013
The 3 worst years of your life.
5th grader: I'm going into middle school! :D

Freshman: lol.
by xdarkvEnom November 16, 2013
the most terrifying thing a man could hear
"my period is late"

by xdarkvEnom December 08, 2013

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