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2 definitions by xDIRTYlittleSEXRETSx

a sexually transmitted disease, causing conjunctivitis in cattle and sheep and trachoma, urethritis, and proctitis in humans.
dont have sex.
because you will get Chlamydia.
and DIE.
Dont have sex in the missoinary possition.
Dont have sex standing up.
just dont do it promise?
now everyone take some rubbers...
by xDIRTYlittleSEXRETSx November 05, 2005
A funny expression first used on the Dave Chappelle show. Used in context, and whenever.
Fun to say.
" Fuck your couch nigger."

"Wanna go to the 7-11"
"Fuck your couch nigger."
by xDIRTYlittleSEXRETSx April 08, 2006