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Zero fucks given (Syn. for NFG, no fucks given)

It means just what it sounds like.
John: Hey man whats up?

Rob: Just watching PS I Love You

John: Bro, that's a chick flick

Rob: 0fg.
by xCMx July 04, 2011
To be said with a deep southern accent, a phrase of agreement.

A pinch of dip in the bottom lip helps to get an authentic pronunciation.

Along the lines of hell yeah, fuck yeah, let's roll, etc.
Earl: Ey Will you comin to the party tonight?

Will: Yeahbo, I got me some catfish, lookin like its a fish fry kinda night
by xCMx July 11, 2011
The main rule is this: If you are underage and drinking at a party, good deal. The point at which the rule applies is when you go to put pictures of that night on Facebook or any other social networking site. If you or anyone underage is holding a red cup, don't post it. Future employers and people's parents don't need photographic evidence. "Nobody believes it's just soda in your Solo cup."
Me: Damn John, yall got wasted last night.

John: I know man, put those pictures up on fb!

Me: Sorry bro, red cup rule. I don't need your mom bitching at me again.
by xCMx May 02, 2011
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