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to act very sexual towards someone to get them to do something for you (sexual or non-sexual)
Megan- "Can we go shopping," bats eyes, "pplleeaassee."
Me- "Not right now I have to finish these cookies for the party."
Megan- *runs up stairs and put's on sexy Peter Pan costume and high heel boots* and inocently says
"But I really really need to go shopping"
Me- *turns around* must hold back, "NO!"
Megan- *pushes me onto chair and sits on lap facing me* "PPPPWWWWEEEEAAAASSSSEEEE" *kisses me*
Me- *giggles* "Okay"
Megan- *huh I wonder if I seduce her again she'll buy pay for the clothes*
by xBabyBonesx April 06, 2009
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