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When you get a sharp blade and make 4 cuts at the four compass points on someone's ass hole and then stamp on the victim's lower abdomen so that they're forced to shit their ass wide open.
They just gave that dude a Taiwan Smile! He shit his ass hole past his shoulders!

I'll just tuck my tea towel into the holder right here... OMFG, it's not a tea towel holder, it's a Taiwan Smile!

Dude, I didn't know Predator lived in your ass? Hey I'm self conscious about that, I told you I got given a Taiwan Smile by your dad.
by x1stman September 04, 2014
Ovulating Like a B0ss - A phrase to describe Jail Bait that looks a lot, LOT older than it should.

They have been known to come out with phrases such as "All the guys call me jail bait, but I'm not really, because I don't tell..." DANGER!

And "I've had sex with over 20 guys, even a 29 year old once". DANGER!

And "I do girls". Triple motherfucking DANGER!!!
Rama: "Check out that girl over there, man she's hot!"

Adam: "She's only 14..."

Rama: "There's no doubt she's ovulating".

Owen: "She's ovulating like a b0ss (OLAB)"
by x1stman January 10, 2012

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