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'i love you'

often used by 'scene kids' on MySpace, and sites like that

a quick way to show affection, although, often meaningless.
holly: gtg bye xxxxx
izzy: ily xxxxx

hiya, hope you had a good day, seee you soon, ily x

basically, ily.
by x rita x November 22, 2006
your mum/ya mum/yo momma is a comeback that if you say normally results with getting slapped. normally by a pikey.
it doesnt have to be a comeback, it can be said anywhere it makes sense.
Holly: so, what do you wanna do now?
Harry: your mum.
Holly: what did you do last night then?
Harry: your mum.

see? :)
by x rita x November 22, 2006
stands for 'laughing out loud' or not so commonly, 'lots of love'

people say it in texts and on msn, myspace and places like that.

now it's completely worthless, and just fills copnversation gaps.

teenagers are using the internet so much now, they even say 'lol' out loud. which is pathetic, lets be honest
holly: hey
izzy: hi!
holly: you alright?
izzy: yeah, you?
holly: yeah thanks
izzy: ah wicked
holly: yeah
izzy: lol.
holly: lol.


holly: i hate my life its so crap i really really want to die cause my family have cancer and my dog got run over and im failing at school and all my family hate me. i'm gonna kill myself
izzy: haha lol.
by x rita x November 22, 2006
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