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An institution of higher learning that features a shitty cafeteria, hands-off proffesors, and more homosexual girls and boys per square inch than previously thought possible by this definition writer.
Steve: You suck! I fucked your mom!
Dan: You know what, Steve?
Steve: What?
Dan: You belong at Emerson College.
by x February 21, 2005
A sexual act where one takes a giant, steamy shit on a girl's chest, then titty fucks her.
Jim: "I think i got some shit in my urethra after i gave Kim a Cleveland Steamer last night"
Bob: "Sucks, man"
by X August 18, 2003
To urinate. Also see number 2
"This will be quick, I just gotta' take a number 1."
by x January 31, 2003
to feel the effects of codeine syrup mixed with soda.
that lean got me itchin'
by x August 11, 2003
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