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To dance in an extreme manner, flailing all about.
"The punkgirl was moshing in the mosh pit."
by x January 31, 2003
Thing that will hurt if you have hemoids: anal sex, goatse, drop a lung, shit, cider enema, and dirty sanchez, toilet paper, sitting
Damn! my hemroids are killing me! I shouldn't have had anal sex!
by x October 29, 2004
The brundle is the area between the balls and the anus. A veritable no mans land.
He likes it when you scratch his brundle?
by x August 26, 2003
See man juice
by x January 31, 2003
one who is freaking out, and doing multi ballerina jumps, while kicking their feet out behind them going, 'moan'.
Uh oh, hes chocking, Frolick!
by X February 01, 2003
Also see definition for mack
by x January 31, 2003
Also see whipped
by x January 31, 2003

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