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A person exhibiting the effects of extreme intoxication.
Look at that guy at the end of the bar, he's a wobbler.
by x January 22, 2003
Overstock.com an internet shopping website
Dirt cheap prices
by X April 29, 2004
Loving Underage boys
boylover, loved boy
by X December 30, 2003
The brundle is the area between the balls and the anus. A veritable no mans land.
He likes it when you scratch his brundle?
by x August 26, 2003
A high or low hit that starts offa chain that's unstoppable and u might as well just give the fuck up.
Shit u got thrown in the corner, what kind of mixup is he going to do next?
by X May 01, 2003
street code for the La Costra Nostra; meaning a person is a "goodfella" or "wise guy". a highly intelligent criminal who is not or not a full blooded italian.(not eligible to be made a memember of the La Costra Nostra because they are not able to follow their familie's bloodline/tree).
"hey Giovanni, this guy is ´a friend of mine`. his a good guy."
by x September 03, 2003
To dance in an extreme manner, flailing all about.
"The punkgirl was moshing in the mosh pit."
by x January 31, 2003

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