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A high or low hit that starts offa chain that's unstoppable and u might as well just give the fuck up.
Shit u got thrown in the corner, what kind of mixup is he going to do next?
by X May 01, 2003
Overstock.com an internet shopping website
Dirt cheap prices
by X April 29, 2004
1)tribute to a mafia boss.
2)a percent expected to be paid back from a loan.
3)the juice or cut to be lost or refunded(by winning) in gambling.
1)"Fats" wants the vig by next monday.
2)that loan shark "Shorts" wants his full payment back soon.
3)the vig on the mets, sox game is 10%.
by x February 25, 2004
Loving Underage boys
boylover, loved boy
by X December 30, 2003
street code for the La Costra Nostra; meaning a person is a "goodfella" or "wise guy". a highly intelligent criminal who is not or not a full blooded italian.(not eligible to be made a memember of the La Costra Nostra because they are not able to follow their familie's bloodline/tree).
"hey Giovanni, this guy is ´a friend of mine`. his a good guy."
by x September 03, 2003
Thing that will hurt if you have hemoids: anal sex, goatse, drop a lung, shit, cider enema, and dirty sanchez, toilet paper, sitting
Damn! my hemroids are killing me! I shouldn't have had anal sex!
by x October 29, 2004
reffer to graffiti
hey man look at that taggin
by x January 12, 2004

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