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256 definitions by x

to do illegal actives in which you profit money off of. mainly selling drugs.
tate - man did you check out that new drop top benz?
jon - yeah. i got bleed the block before i get me on like that.
by x August 24, 2004
While incarcerated it refers solitary confinement. (´the hole´)
"after the shake down, the guards took him to jail"
by x July 27, 2003
an individual that is past their prime and has receeded into a lesser state of being.
he was a hit celeb 10 years ago but now he's just a hasbin, washed up loser doing b-side tracks
by X December 06, 2004
in prison it would refer to your cellmate.
my celly only talks shit.
by x January 11, 2004
to be under the influence of methamphetamine.
"i've been ampin' for three days now"
by x September 02, 2003
Licking the chick's clit while you use your fingers inside her usualy to rub the g-spot (see g-spot). This usualy is to stimulate a g-spot orgasm.
I got sprayed in the face after I performed the venus butterfly on Carla.
by X April 23, 2003
to get or give a blowjob, head...you know sucking dick.
man, i can't wait until she shuts up and slob on the knob.
by x January 16, 2004