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verb: code name for masturbation. a play on words seeing that an ear of corn is the penis and the cream is the result of the act.
"OMG! I just walked in on my brother creaming the corn!"
by wzylvr09 July 01, 2009
hidden; being away from everyone else; concealed; away from the public eye
Paris Hilton: "Girl, where you been?"
Britney Spears: "I been tucked, just doin' my thang"
by wzylvr09 June 30, 2009
noun, verb: acting crazy or stupid
Dude 1: "What's wrong with your girlfriend?"
Dude 2: "I don't know, man. She is blazing!"
or " I don't know, man. She is a blazer"
by wzylvr09 July 01, 2009

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