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45 definitions by wysiwyg

An old man who was pretty cool.
"Nostradamus, you were (a little) ahead of your time,
in the 1500's
you were thinkin' about '99

Nostradamus, were you a prognosticator
or just a lucky guess generator?
How did you know so much?
Did the aliens talk to you?
Did you come from the future and why?
Cuz you were a super cool
future tellin' kind of guy."
-The Nostradamus Song by Katie
by wysiwyg February 18, 2004
(1)Something to yell at people who question your coolness
(2)Something to yell at people fo no reason
(3)A causual greeting in Ranikh
(4)A form of yes
(1)Person: "D00d, u r liek SO unkewl."
You: "YEE!"
(2)Person: "'Scuse me, what time is it?"
You: "YEE!"
(3)"Yee, zuelii du nizii'zho devaaneanse!?" (Hello, will you massage my bunions?)
(4)Person: "Did you just poop or something? The bathroom stinks."
You: "Yee..."
by wysiwyg January 08, 2004
Fat Naked Fag
(Obese Nudist Homosexual)
Hatch from Survivor is an FNF, but he still pwns over all of the Survivor n00bs.
by wysiwyg February 26, 2004