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1. Butt cover (gotta keep that thang shiny!)
2. See spongebob.
3. Eccentric headwear.
4. A crap catching device.
1. My butt feels good in these PANTS!
2. Looks like I'm not wearing PANTS today!
3. These PANTS make a fine hat!
4. Aw, dude! I just crapped my PANTS!
by wysiwyg January 09, 2004
...A language full of pwnage that the trekkies are very fond of. I myself am a trekkie. (therefore i pwn j00.)
When you come across a trekkie, interrupt their starbabble immediately with, "Hab SoSlI' Quch!"

Or be cool like me and costantly shout out,"nuqDaq 'oH puchpa''e'!?" at random.
by wysiwyg January 08, 2004
Anything that relates to the mind or the word mental. Many possible uses.
"I'm mentered out."
"I have menter disabilaties."
by wysiwyg January 09, 2004
A hungry midget that lives in your buttcrack. He eats your pants, which causes murphs and wedgies.
Ivan, the crotch monster's eating your shorts.
by wysiwyg May 15, 2004
A person who isn't all too special or is of little importance; a background person.
"Nobody really showed for the party, just a couple guckers."
by wysiwyg January 10, 2004
1. Something crazy or amazing.
2. A retarded monkey.
2. Ahm a moinkey.
by wysiwyg February 07, 2004
An old man who was pretty cool.
"Nostradamus, you were (a little) ahead of your time,
in the 1500's
you were thinkin' about '99

Nostradamus, were you a prognosticator
or just a lucky guess generator?
How did you know so much?
Did the aliens talk to you?
Did you come from the future and why?
Cuz you were a super cool
future tellin' kind of guy."
-The Nostradamus Song by Katie
by wysiwyg February 18, 2004

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