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1. Dragon poo.
2. A substiture for fuck.
1. Hark! There art fewmits on me shoe!
2. Ah, fewmits, now I have to move the body...
by wysiwyg February 07, 2004
When something that used to be underground and/or 1337 goes mainstream.

Only the real origional fans feel that the band (or whatever) has been de1337ed. Everyone else pretends that they were the origional fans and that the band (or whatever) is still underground and that they are so badass for knowing about it.
Avril de1337ed my tie.
by wysiwyg August 12, 2004
The best kind of guitar.
Robert needs a hot pink guitar.
by wysiwyg August 12, 2004
A word that is only used by the dorki.
Nora01: How are ya?
Nardo: Good. And thoust?
by wysiwyg January 08, 2004
A primitive technoloy; place designed for defecation/excretion of bodily waste.
I use the bathtub instead.
by wysiwyg January 08, 2004
From the makers of shit-for-brains and nitwit comes... SHITWIT!
"f0k u shitwit."
"...get a life, dude."
"no, shitwit."
"whatever, loser."
by wysiwyg January 12, 2004
What some thing is, how it is, the existence or reason/purpose of it.
"Yeah, he was speading his ness all over the place..."
"Look at those geeks and all o' their ness."
"Why do they call them 'Applejacks' when they don't tase like apples!?!?"-"Because that's the whole NESS of the name!"-"o.O"
"He dosn't go ANYWHERE without that coat-its his ness."
by wysiwyg January 12, 2004

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