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Basically the place where no one wants to have to go school. The only way the school gets students is because it has some of the lowest tuition rates for a division I school in the nation, and if you sign your name on the bottom of the ACT you can be admitted. Located in Laramie, a shitty place even by wyoming standards. The wind never stops blowing across the desolate plains, and snow is fact of life for 7 months of the year. This place redefines lame. The student body is made up of hicks and cowboys from everywhere, most all of Wyoming's high school graduates, poor kids from the Colorado front range, and all other of the absolute weirdest low lifes imaginable. The athletic programs at the Univerisity of have a dismal record. Most good athletes leave after a year or two for better places. The only thing to do in Laramie is to get shit faced drunk or wish you are. Men here at the university have no shot at hot women because the 15 or so who attend the college come from rural areas. They have never seen a black man before, so the few dark skinned football and basketball players have a monopoly on them. The university of wyoming is a hopeless institution.
Dude your gonna go to the University of Wyoming?! Wow. you must have not had good enough grades for the local community college. Its way better of a place than U of Wyo.
by wyosucks May 02, 2011

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