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cheese wrapping
Dude, that's serious CHEESE WRAPPING. A little fromunda is one thing, but dude, yank back that foreskin and start scrubbin.
#hood #turtleneck #skintopping #chewie #zipper-stucker
by Wyeth October 01, 2009
Semen of a guy in a bromance who crosses the line and jerks off in front of the other guy
We were just watchin the Jets, chillin. Then my boy starts playing with himself--and as Mark Sanchez spirals the pigskin--dude pulls his skin back and shoots! I wanted to see the game on his bigscreen, not my bud's boner and brocum. This bromance is over!
#cum #spunk #gizm #manjuice #semen
by Wyeth October 02, 2009
Wendy Williams;
referencing her new nikes--designed by her, for her;
each sneaker has a 3 letter metal plate over laces--the right sneaker is inscribed with "BIG;" the left with "WEN."
You are so BIG WEN, I can't stand it no more!
#outrageous #messy #fu-fu-la #xsive #way out there
by Wyeth October 03, 2009
"Delete and forget" is the eversion of "forgive and forget."
Occurs when an email is written hastily, usually late at night, under the influence of exhaustion, alcohol, drugs, anger, ignorance, stupidity--all the usual urban stuff.
"SEND" is hit too quickly and shit happens.
After many more emails, calls, texts, etc--there is mutual agreement to "D&F" (DELETE and FORGET)
I shouldn't have sent that email last nite to the hot new intern. When I reread it this morning, I coulda died. But we talked and stuff--and agreed to "DELETE and FORGET (also, D&F)".
Otherwise, my ass be fryin in HR.
#eregret #remorse #send #anxiety #hard drive fear #eaddiction
by Wyeth October 03, 2009
attractive black female with the wig (weave)

I was watchin the WENDY WILLIAMS show.
Girl, half the audience was BLIGALICIOUS;
the other half was gay!
#wigs #bligs #hair hoes #bushes #skinheads with atitude
by Wyeth October 03, 2009
hot black girl with a sexy wig or waeve who looks great--

Dudes, dont touch the head--now u know what sayin'
Trust me on this or u be out.
I met her at a hot club--she was totally BLIGALICIOUS,
and that was fine with me. At 5am it was pulled off.
Dude, she could put my paws wherever she be wantin,
#wigs #bligs #hair hoes #bushes #skinheads with atitude
by Wyeth October 02, 2009
Black with the wig (weave)
That blig look nice! Wonder if she gets hot unda all that hay?
#wigs #bligs #hair hoes #bushes #skinheads with atitude
by Wyeth October 03, 2009
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