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When one profusely throws up projectiles in such a way as to shoot straight out all over someone elses faces and clothes.
That guy just scootered all over you.
by wvboy September 17, 2006
An older man that trys to sleep with boys under the age of 15. These types of people were most likely raped as young children and are extremely homosexual.
That faggot over there is trying to run a berger
by wvboy September 17, 2006
Derivative: Per(Each) - Kin(Family) - Meaning someone who has sex with as many family members as possible with the intention of inbreeding. These people have no sexual preference and will have sex with males and females alike. All members of family are acceptable, such as brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, and even cousins. Usually from Bay Area California or West Virginia .
That inbred family sure are fans of the Perkins.
by wvboy September 17, 2006

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