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1 definition by wuzz22

Rarts is a game formed in the small village called New cumnock where
Two opponents compete in a skilled throwing competition. Basically its darts
With red chip stones (rarts) so you start with twenty rarts each and stand
Ten feet from a drain then throw your rarts in turns. whoever gets the most

Points wins. The scoring system if your rart rolls in 1 point if the rart goes straight

In 2 points trick shot I.e under leg,jump shot 4 points finally facing away from the

Drain without looking 15 points. You need to win 3 games to win a set and 3 sets

To win the competition. If you end a game tied you enter sudden death

Where u the gets 5 rarts whoever scores most wins. Prize can be a bet between

You and your opponent.
The Game rarts is to play outdoors when boredom occurs.very competitive once
You start.
by wuzz22 September 23, 2010
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