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A female who seeks equality. Often confused with feminazis. Unlike feminazi they feel that men and women should be equally treated at all cost, feminazis go beyong equality and acts like women are superior.
There's nothing wrong with being a feminist and seeking equality.
by wuurrp May 19, 2008
The opposite of feminazi. These are sexist men who feels that they are superior to women and thinks that women are evil.(note ignoring the Greek myth about how women were created to induce pain to men as a punishment for Prometheus because of what he'd done.)These men pick out things about how a women's life is easier and so simple.
I would call the person who created the myth about how women are evil a masculinazi.
by wuurrp May 19, 2008
The opposite of a masculinazi. Not to be confused with feminists who just seek equality. Feminazis are women who feels that female is and should be the dominant gender. They find every situation where a man gets better treatment and attempts to end it, at the same time ignoring the fact that there are just as much situation where a woman gets better treatment. They promote the idea that women are superior to men. They say they want equality but still wants their boyfriends to pay for everything and give them gifts while they are not expected to do the same back.
She's such a feminazi, she goes around talking about the bad attributes of men, I'm surprised that her boyfriend still adores her.

by wuurrp May 19, 2008
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