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1 definition by wutwut inthebut

scabbie infected wetback wannabe redneck firefighting hangy pussy lickin "tater-tot" pillpoppin theif, swamp donkey fucking dopehead!! He's the son of a border crosser whom which tends to have an obsession with judging people because of the mistakes they have made in the past. Even though she's a dope whore from way back when. Scabbies is a dead beat no good low life useless piece of shit whom will never amount to anything more than what he is today. He thinks he is gods gift to women but in reality they just pray to god they don't get his air born STDs!! PUSSY ASS NIGGA, I DON'T WANT CHA GONORRHEA!!!! SAUGHN !!!! YOU HAVE BEEN URBAN DICTIONAFIED BY YA SISTAS!!!! FUCK YA BITCH!!!!
GIRL 1: Hey why are you in the hospital??do you really have scabbies??
GIRL 2: I don't want to say cause I'm to ashamed :(
GIRL 1: What happened? You can tell me..
GIRL 2: Well I caught the Shaughn :(
by wutwut inthebut November 29, 2011