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1. One who controls the ass during anal sex. Typically used in reference to gay males. "Pilot" implies that this is a master of anal sex.
2. A person that is tailgating you on the freeway.
(first definition)
Come over here and fuck me in the ass you Ass Pilot.

(second definition)
*looking in rearview mirror*
Get off my ass you fucking Ass Pilot!!!
by wufei September 09, 2004
another form of mother fucker but more applicable to when you fuck something up
John: Dude you totally missed your bus. You are such a dumb-ass.
by wufei September 09, 2004
Hawt, smart, athletic Chinese guy trained in the martial arts.
OMG Wufei u r teh gosu!
by Wufei April 24, 2005

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