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Someone who enjoys to sell things at auction, or to 'flog' things - definition for personality.
Something that is likely to attract a lot of attention at auction, or sell well - definition of an item.
Barry is very flogtastic.
This necklace if flogtastic.
by wtf lmao mage of barrow April 30, 2010
Name of somebody who, when angry or trying to get a point across, stomps their foot on the ground, similar to a bull ready to stampede.
Also tends to have a 'bull-looking' face when angry but only if it goes red aswell.
The person may also be very clumsy, similar to a bull in a china shop one could say.
Lolish indeed.
Bullers was happily talking her/his to friends until it got serious when Bullers stamped her/his foot on the ground to try and get a point across that Liberal Democrats were unbelievably awesome.
by wtf lmao mage of barrow April 30, 2010
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