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3 definitions by wrong or right?

1. noun. a sexually transmitted disease that results in stinging warts, excessive stinging while urinating, and possibly bleeding from the pee hole...

2. noun. what i named my hamster in 6th grade
1. your fucking sister gave me syphilis! no wonder she was so easy!

2. rest in peace syphilis, you were so cute

remember kids, wear a condom
by wrong or right? April 12, 2007
193 86
a character from the 80s movie "ferris buelers day off" loved by everyone except his sister and principal, he skips school for a day and goes to the city with his friend and girlfriend. there they have a great time, destroy a ferrari, and almost get caught.

possibly the pimpest guy ever
i cant think of a quote, who cares

save ferris bueler!
by wrong or right? April 12, 2007
24 4
adj. describing an action that is looked down apon, but still incredibly enjoyable

something thats wrong, but feels so right
last night, i covered myself in chocolate sauce, and had sex with four women, and two men. that shit was debauchilicious
by wrong or right? April 11, 2007
13 3