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When a female, (we are especially good at this), not just sucks on a guy's penis, but slips her tongue around the head and in the hole. Occasionally biting and gently playing with his balls.
I exited the car. Today I was feeling especially horny. I unlocked my door and found my room. I took out some sexy lingerie that made my breast look like they'll pop out and the panties made my boyfriend want to scream. I called him over. His eyes nearly popped out of his head when he saw me. I lapdanced and stripped him down to his boxers. I rubbed my hand around on a circle on his penis and balls until I felt it turn into a boner. Then I ripped his underwear off with my teeth and gave him a blowjob. I slipped my hands around his legs and massaged his balls. I felt the cum get in my mouth and I swallowed gratefully. He muttered to himself. He he pulled me away and fucked me hard as thanks.
#lapdance #blowjob #boner #cum #sexy
by writessowl July 23, 2011
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