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the counter part to a hero. Usually comes with a group of loyal hunch men who do bidding and have some plot to take over the city or world. Evil to the core. Shows no mercy for people especially his hero counter-part
The joker is a total villain in the Bat Man movies.
by writergrl25 February 05, 2010
to leave quickly
damn, lets dip-set before someone catches us.
by writergrl25 February 17, 2010
when a person is only dating or friends with an athlete because of the possibility of the athlete going pro.

A person - typically a woman - who just uses the athlete for status. "Riding the jersey to the top". Similar to a gold digger
The show basketball wives has a bunch of jersey riders.
by writergrl25 July 14, 2010
the name of the mix drink consisting of vodka and squirt. gets you super crunk and fast
va-dank-a-shwank the family drank
by writergrl25 February 17, 2010
Big bitch who thinks that she is a princess. Some what pretty nothing special. Lies to everyone she loves. Friends don't stay around long.
Yeah that girl is a Jessa
by writergrl25 February 06, 2010

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