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The doctor starts to probe lobes, only to find that your bodily hygeine is oh, oh so bad."

You taking a q-tip and shoving into one ear, then the other, as you probe lobes,despite the implicit instructions not to, you find wax so old, it could only be conserved in one of those weird museums on a beach strip."

The annual examination your doctor gives, when he puts a light spectrum to your ear to probe lobes, to check out see what's going on, to you nothing, to him, a lighted slick based adventure."
"This ringing in my ear, has got to stop, I'm glad I have an HMO, my doc can probe lobesand see if I have tinnitus."

"I've been sticking q-tips in my ears for years, but when I do the double probe lobes, all I find is more wax build up, my doctor doesn't seem to get that somehow there's a safer way to get it out of there."

"Ya know, if you probe lobes, you might hear a little better, yo, it's like your deaf or something, man, wassup?
by writah' May 16, 2008

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