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2 definitions by wrastlinman

From the roots 'dirty' and 'semen.' Means dirty semen.
Came home and banged my girlfriend after a week of camping. Gave her the demen
by wrastlinman October 16, 2009
1. A term used to imitate the languages spoken of East Asia (Chinese, Korean, Japanese, etc.)
2. A term you can say to your buddies that can basically mean anything, but usually means either 'whatever' or 'sweet'
1. "So I heard this Chinese guy talking on his phone and watching his widescreen TV (think about the eyes) and he was saying 'blah blah blah mang cao mang cao mang cao.'"

2. Speaker 1:"Dude, you know those TPS reports are due tomorrow right? Aren't you worried?"
Speaker 2: "Oh mang cao mang cao"
by wrastlinman January 18, 2009