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19 definitions by wpk914

one with no religious preference, and has no plans to get one. in short, they really don't care. they also don't care what religion you are.
So, you're Catholic. That's fine. I'm a mehtheist myself.
by wpk914 October 29, 2010
the basics of heavy metal music. required learning for anyone wishing to listen to or play heavy metal. metal 101, if you would
Some Examples:
Master of Puppets and Reign in Blood are two of the best albums ever.
Black Sabbath are the grandfathers of metal.
Linkin Park is not metal. They are alt pop.
Nu Metal, like all metal subsets, is full of good music.
If you go to a metal show, there will always be a smell of weed in the air. It doesn't necissarily have to come from you, but it will be there.
Say "Up the Irons" for Iron Maiden.
Don't try to list all the subsidiaries of metal. You will be counting forever.
Some popular subsidiaries include: Death Metal, Thrash Metal, Nu Metal, and Power Metal.
It can always be much louder.
There is no one dominant instrument. Even bass is important. Don't believe me? Listen to For Whom the Bell Tolls by Metallica.
Hair Metal isn't metal.
Not all good metal is European.
Dethklok is both a real and a fake band.
Not all metal is about death. Just most of it.
Double Bass always sounds cool.
Songs that are slow are ok as long as they pick up at some point.
You can growl, scream or sing. It's up to you. It isn't up to the subsidiary. I've heard death metal bands with clean vocals.
Don't call yourself a metal head if all you know is "One" from Guitar Hero III. Do some research.

Metal is a great form of expression. Just remember to have fun.
These are all fundametals.
by wpk914 September 06, 2010
The appearence of having an erection caused by a full bladder. Can lead to awkward moments.
Man 1: Aw, dude! You're getting a boner from those elementary school children? What is wrong with you?!

Man 2: No No No! It's just a peener, I swear!
by wpk914 January 09, 2010
when someone thinks you have a boner, but really it's just your phone in your pocket
Jim was the party foul when Sarah thought he had an erection. But really, it was just a phoner.
by wpk914 February 13, 2010
to have one's personal information compromised over the internet. this can include passwords, contact information, and even cred card numbers.
1. Alec had his Facebook account hacked, and now he's posting spam all over my wall.

2. Damn it! Some hacker just took my bank information. My credit score is screwed!
by wpk914 May 12, 2011