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by WPH15 August 02, 2009
The most overrated music artist from any genre in history. Loved mostly by middle schoolers, posers and 8-year-olds just being introduced to hip hop. Anyone who thinks he is "the greatest rapper alive" should be shot point blank with a 12 gauge. He can't rap, he can't sing, he can't freestyle. If he was put out on the streets of Detroit with REAL rappers, he would be torn apart for slaughtering good hip hop.
Vanilla Ice is more real than Lil' Wayne, this guy fucking sucks.
by WPH15 August 01, 2009
A fun music video game that has gameplay involving you picking a song and playing it on a guitar-shaped controller. However, some people get it in their head that just because they can beat "Through the Fire and Flames" on expert makes them the next Dimebag Darrell. Thousands of YouTube videos prove this. Honestly, if you can play "Iron Man" on expert in Guitar Hero, that's nothing to really be proud of, it just proves you play too much. If you can play flawlessly on a real guitar, on the other hand, that IS something to brag about.
Actual guitarist: Why press buttons on a piece of plastic when you can play the real thing?

Gamer: rofl stfu u n00b i can play through the fire and flames on expert guitar hero so im 90 times better than u roflmao yea what u gunna do bout it

Actual guitarist: Go suck a fat one
by WPH15 July 31, 2009
What you say when something good and bad happens to you.
Jim: Dude, I got put in my favorite class, but got the worst professor.

Bob: That's pretty bi, man.
by WPH15 February 11, 2010
A man that needs no definition.
Chuck Norris once delivered pizzas in his youth. There were no survivors.
by WPH15 August 24, 2009

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