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7 definitions by wowser77

the most badass way to play the bass guitar.
Flea plays slap bass. OOOOOH YEAHHHHH!
by wowser77 October 28, 2009
a person who is REALLY REALLY fat. Like, incredibly fat. Their boobs (or moobs) are the size of mountains.
Herman is one fatfuck.
by wowser77 October 07, 2009
in math, stands for the order of operations, Parenthesis, Exponents, Multiply, Divide, Add, Subtract. But in sex terms can stand for "Please eat my dick and scrotum"
In math: PEMDAS, the order of operations

In Life: PEMDAS, baby, PEMDAS.
by wowser77 October 05, 2009
when you see someone with one of those surgical masks and you go up, lift their surgical mask off their face, and cough into it. You then shout

You just got Swine flu'd, motha fucka!
Yo man, I totally swine flu'd that Brandon asshole. You know the one from Kentucky?
by wowser77 October 02, 2009
when you're jacking off in complete darkness, you finish the deed and the semen that shoots off illuminates in the dark, looking like a shooting star in the night sky
Damn, that shooting star hit my wall.
by wowser77 October 05, 2009
when you excrete a kidney stone from your penis and the stone comes out with a trail of blood behind it, thus giving it the appearance of a bloody comet.
Damn dude, that bloody comet I shot out last night almost left a crater in my toilet!
by wowser77 October 04, 2009
Being scared of Jews, or otherwise people who have big noses, are greedy, or wear a small beanie
I have a raging case of jewaphobia, and I imagine Adolf Hitler did too.
by wowser77 October 07, 2009