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The best girls around. They are always pretty and show themselves well. Normally dressed in their easter colored polos, lacostes, or michael stars. Allways (well, usually) seen wearing there name brand jeans blue cult, 7's, citizens, angel, paper denim, etc...Accesories always consist of them pearl earings. Simple yet ellegant. All southern girls own atleast 1 surf shop or restaurant T-shirt from somewhere on the coast, most likely Wrightsville. Found cruising around in their silver or green Range Rovers or Land Rovers, and if not, volvos or station wagons. Hangouts consist of North Hills (if your familliar with Raleigh, NC), or any place that serves fresh ice tea and warm grits. The music they listen to is usually very mellow, like Dave Matthews, OAR, James Taylor, Alanis Morrissette, Hootie, Jack Johnson, Jimmy Buffet, Rascal Flatts, etc...Southern hospitality runs in the family. Southern households are the most generous of them all, which makes southern girls, the sweetest.

Always remember though, the carolina girls are the best!
"Carolina girls, best in the world!"
northeners: eh' you guys.
southern girls: hey yall want some tea?
by wouldnt youliketoknow March 17, 2006

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