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Land of poets, scholars, and gentlemen, quick-witted women with tongues like whips and quick-fisted men with spirits like fire.

Birthplace of the greatest "British" writer to have ever lived: Oscar Wilde.

Welly says that Ireland is located to the west of the most influential nation on Earth? What has Wales done that is so dang important, aside from likewise being utterly beautiful and amazing? Or are we talking about the Isle of Man?
Mwahaha, Ireland is teh gr33tz. But then again, so is the UK.

Yes, I'm of Irish descent, yes, I family there, and yes, I've been there often.

P.S.: As an American, any clever Irishman who tries to tell me that "Pog Mo Thon" is Gaelic for "hello" gets a ka-crack upside ze head.
by wouldn't I like to tell July 28, 2005

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