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The drinking equivalent of an Oscar, awarded to the most accomplished drinker of the evening, which may or may not involve an actual visit by Howard Splosh
Oh man that was a good night last night, Raul was on form, he definately won the Golden Howard.
by worldoflard June 05, 2009
A fart gone wrong, usually occuring during a period of illness where your sphincter control is not 100% accurate
Sorry guys, running about 30 minutes late after a brown shout - had to go home and get changed
by worldoflard June 04, 2009
To puke, literally the sound made during this activity - howARD ... splosh
Far too many beers last night, had a visit from Howard Splosh at 11.30
by worldoflard June 04, 2009
A Tequila Sunrise with a solid lower layer, similar to the Bombay Mudslide, typically the result of eating a large curry, several naan breads and half your body weight in pilau rice.
This cubicle is currently closed for removal of a particularly large bombay trifle, we apologise for any inconvenience caused
by worldoflard June 30, 2009
See Jism
Oh great, now my face is covered in your buff fellow mozzarella
by worldoflard July 21, 2011
A lavatorial occurrence, when an improperly disposed turd leaves the characteristic sunrise colouring, as popularised by the cocktail of the same title.
Dude, have you seen trap 3? Steve's left a full on tequila sunrise!
by worldoflard May 01, 2009

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