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An original pimp steak is bologna, not a hot dog. Sometimes pimp steak refers to any lunchmeat.
What's for lunch? Pimp steak and cheese.
by Worldhead December 08, 2009
Prevalent in all the world, the survival instinct that is within all creatures is amplified into an urge to conquer, and/or destroy anyone and everyone to achieve one's goals, long and short-term.
This behavior is counteractive to any group or gathering that requires individuals to work together or be of like mind to have success in it's collective endeavors.
I Got Mine Theory Example #1
Typical Union Guy: Listen up Kid...You need to learn to shop the jobsite.

Green Union Apprentice: What's that?

Typical Union Guy: You see that pallet of scrap copper over there? I'm coming back after shift change to get that off the jobsite.

Green Union Apprentice: But if you do that won't it prompt the company to start searching us coming and going, drive up job costs for extra security due to theft and generally make us look bad as union craftsmen?

Typical Union Guy: F**k Em'.....I got mine.

I Got Mine Theory Example #2
Green Union Apprentice: If we weld all this solid won't it make it harder for the next guy to work in here?

Typical Union Guy: F**k Em'.....I got mine.
by Worldhead December 02, 2009

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