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To be fired because you sent a email to a coworker about wanting to take a shit on someone's chest.

Modernized, but coined by the actor who told a director he would shit on him given a chance.
Steve knew he would have a tough time finding a job after last week's Jonathan Silverman exit.
by world champ crapper May 27, 2010
When after cumming in a a chick's ass she sits up to quickly and the jizz seeps out of her ass and onto what ever she is sitting.
Oh shit, Heather's mom was so pissed when she came home and saw the snow seat she left on the new couch.
by world champ crapper June 11, 2010
Fucking your sister doggy style and while your mom is fingering you asshole.
Man, you're so redneck I bet you consider Mississippi Family Time a good way to spend a Saturday.
by world champ crapper May 27, 2010
The act of taking a shit in a girl's asshole after it has been stretched by anal sex.
Dude, fucking my girl in the ass made me have to shit so bad I ended up chili potting her.
by world champ crapper May 19, 2010
Spreading a chick's asshole open with your fingers and hocking a loogie in it before fucking her butt.
Last night I didn't have enough lube to get Stacy in the ass, so I just made her a loog tube and went to town.
by world champ crapper June 11, 2010

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